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In order to test out Cyclops you are going to need some things. First thing you are going to need is a Kubernetes cluster. If you have one that you can use to play with, great, if not you can try installing minikube. Minikube sets up a local Kubernetes cluster that you can use to test stuff out. Check the docs on how to install it.

Another thing you will need is kubectl. It is a command line interface for running commands against your cluster.

Once you have installed minikube and kubectl, run your local cluster with:

minikube start

After some time you will have a running cluster that you can use for testing. To verify everything is in order, you can try fetching all namespaces from the cluster with:

kubectl get namespaces

Output should be something like this:

NAME              STATUS   AGE
default Active 10m
kube-node-lease Active 10m
kube-public Active 10m
kube-system Active 10m