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Usage metrics

Cyclops tracks usage metrics so that the maintainers can gain better insights into Cyclops usage. No sensitive or user data is sent; only triggered events, like a Cyclops instance start, are sent.

These events include:

- cyclops-instance-start - triggered once at the start of cyclops-ctrl pod
- module-creation - called by the UI each time you create a new module
- module-reconciliation - each time a Module CRD in the cluster is changed

The metric collection is implemented using posthog.

Each time one of the events above is triggered, Cyclops sends an HTTP request to the posthog API with the following information:

"type": "capture",
"timestamp": "2024-03-23T19:05:38.808279+01:00",
"distinct_id": "f46d57f0-e93f-11ee-924c-8281c5d92ae4",
"event": "cyclops-instance-start"

distinct_id - generated for each Cyclops instance using NewUUID from google/uuid package
event - which event was triggered; see events above

Turn off

If you wish to turn off tracking metrics, add an environment variable to cyclops-ctrl:

You can turn it off by adding the env variable to your cyclops-ctrl Deployment definition. Navigate to the env part of the deployment definition and add the following:

- name: PORT
value: "8080"
+ value: "true"

The metric collection is enabled by default but is disabled in development.


If you have any additional questions about Cyclops and tracking usage metrics, reach out to us at