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Developer friendly Kubernetes

Cyclops - Developer Friendly Kubernetes | Product Hunt

Deploying made easy

Hide the complexity of Kubernetes under a UI tailored to your needs. Ideal for development teams that interact with Kubernetes regularly.

1apiVersion: apps/v1
2kind: Deployment
4  name: nginx
5  labels:
6    app: nginx
8  replicas: 3
9  selector:
10    matchLabels:
11      app: nginx
12  template:
13    metadata:
14      labels:
15        app: nginx
16    spec:
17      containers:
18      - name: nginx
19        image: nginx:1.14.2
20        ports:
21        - containerPort: 80


Customizable UI

  • Build a UI tailored to your needs in minutes
  • Give developers the right abstraction of your infrastructure

Validate your configuration

  • catch misconfiguration before it hits production
  • move faster and be more confident in your changes

Move faster and break fewer things

  • Reduce developer onboarding time
  • Supercharge developer productivity and iterate faster

Their words, not ours

Rossana Suarez

AWS Container Hero

Deploying has never been easier: A single interface to manage your workloads on Kubernetes. 🔥
An easy way to get started on

Kunal Kushwaha

DevRel manager at Civo
Cyclops has transformed my Kubernetes management experience. Its intuitive form-based UI and Helm integration make deploying and monitoring applications straightforward and error-free. A must-try tool for anyone looking to simplify their Kubernetes operations!

Ken Godoy

VP, DevOps
Cyclops utilizes Helm charts for application deployment, making Kubernetes more accessible to users with different levels of expertise.

Install into a Kubernetes cluster

Install it with a single command

kubectl apply -f && 
kubectl apply -f

Port forward your Cyclops instance

kubectl port-forward svc/cyclops-ui 3000:3000 -n cyclops

Or , we will gladly show you around

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